Are you looking for an easy Christmas dessert idea? These reindeer brownies are perfect for those Christmas parties, the company potluck dinner and for serving on Christmas Eve!

Reindeer Brownies

Start by making a pan of your favorite brownies. Because Christmastime can be a little busy, I use a box. Whatever you choose to make, I suggest a 9×13 pan. (You may need to double the recipe to get a fair amount of brownies.)

Once the brownies have baked, allow them to cool before removing them from the pan.  

Cut the brownies into long, skinny triangles.


Now, you will want to gather supplies for decorating the brownies.  To make reindeer brownies, you will need white icing, red icing, pretzels and green sprinkles (for eyeballs.)

Start by adding a white dot of white icing to the larger side of your brownie.  This will be the reindeer’s eye.


Now, add a second dot of white icing to make the second eye.

Using a toothpick, add a green sprinkle to the center of the white icing, creating the pupil.

Next, add a dot of red icing for the reindeer’s nose.  You can add this close to the eyes or at the very bottom of the triangle point.

easy Christmas dessert

Add a very small amount of icing to the back of a pretzel, then add this to the top of your reindeer to make his antler.  


Do the same thing to a second pretzel, to create the second antler, making a delicious and easy Christmas dessert!

Now, you have the cutest reindeer brownie to serve at Christmas!  (If you’re having a reindeer-themed party, pair these brownies with these easy reindeer treats!)


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