snow day ideas

With Winter in full force, it’s cold outside!  Even my hometown of Louisiana is expecting snow today!  …It hasn’t snowed in South Louisiana in 9 years!

What do you do when the district cancels school AGAIN? You have a great time at home and make the most of those snow days!

snow day ideas


10 Things To Do On A Snow Day


Take out the old board games – We all have games that get pushed to the bottom of the pile.  Take this opportunity to move them back to the top!  

Have a movie night – Pop in a DVD and pop the popcorn! 

Make activity stations – Put a different activity in each room and have your children rotate every 15 minutes.  Make sure you take time after all stations are complete to talk about the experiences or show off the work!

Hot Chocolate Treats – My children love to have hot chocolate in (real) coffee mugs!  Sprinkle marshmallow bits on top or give them huge marshmallows for dunking!

Get on Pinterest –  Almost everyone has a craft board.  Make something! 

Have a dance party – Children love the opportunity to just dance!  Put Pandora on your favorite station and get moving!

Build Forts – Use the sofa cushions and blankets to stay warm inside of your fort! Turn off the lights and tell snowy stories!

Bake cookies – Enough said!  There are so many great recipes online, including one of my favorites: Easy Peanut Butter Cookies

Eat Snowballs – For real!  Just make sure you collect freshly fallen snow in a clean container.  Stay away from the yellow snow, if you know what I mean.

Clean – Use this opportunity to hand each of your children a damp sock and teach them to wipe down baseboards! 


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