Last Saturday, Verizon provided me with an amazing opportunity to attend the George Strait concert.  His last concert.  The Cowboy Rides Away Tour.  The tour he was so proud to announce at the press conference last year.  THAT concert.

It had only been a few long weeks since I saw George Strait, but it has been a few years since I’ve seen him in concert. I thinks this was the 4th time I’ve seen him.  And each time was just as good.  Except for this one.

This concert was promised to be “one hell of a show”, as claimed by George Strait himself.  And, it was.

In George Strait fashion, Asleep at the Wheel opened for the guests as they eagerly found their seats.  And then, it was time.

george strait

George Strait came on stage, and was welcomed by about 105,000 ticket holders.  Strait was soon joined by a an amazing line-up of his friends, which made the crowd just as happy: Vince Gill, Eric Church, Sheryl Crow, Jason Aldean, Kenny Chesney, Martina McBride, Faith Hill, Miranda Lambert, and his son, Bubba.

george strait

It was a fun, amazing night, which reminded me of the days when we went to the George Strait Music Fest.  I loved the way Strait sang for almost 3 hours, most likely holding back his emotions the entire time.  That was impressive!  To say memories were created that night is an understatement.

george strait concert

When George Strait left the stage, the crowd begged for an encore, which Strait was happy to comply with.  Strait, along with all his friends came back to the stage to end the night with a bang, letting Strait end the night with his tour song “The Cowboy Rides Away”.

And then, as balloons and confetti fell from the ceiling, he did it.  He threw his black cowboy hat into the crowd, just as I had to hold back a few tears of my own.  (Can you imagine catching that?)

Seeing George Strait in concert was an experience I will never forget.  I’m thankful that Verizon provided me with the opportunity, hosting me for the night in a suite that was just that… sweet!

george strait verizon

I’m also thankful that Verizon sent me home with a cowboy hat and other fun treats, including a voice recovery kit!  (Which I definitely needed the next morning!) 

Even with over 100,000 others in the stadium who were tweeting, texting and sending updates to facebook, I was able to send updates of my own, using Verizon’s reliable service.  Double amazing!


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