urine smellI live with three boys.  Ok, one man, two boys and a girl.  Either way you look at it, they all make their way to the restroom.  Some miss the toilet, while others respectfully aim correctly.  Do you guys see where I’m going with this?  I call it “Boy Pee”.  It seems like as soon as I clean the restroom, someone goes.  And misses.  Or does whatever it is he does to get just a drop of urine on the floor, leaving us with a nasty floor and that gross urine smell that is more powerful than a Yankee Candle.

I have tried to clean the floor with an all purpose cleaner.  I have tried to rid the smell with baking soda and vinegar.  Both are good, but recently I found a solution that is great.  And all purpose.  (Wait, maybe not ALL purpose.  Let’s say multi-purpose.)

The ingredients are simple:  vinegar and blue Dawn dishwashing detergent.  You will need both of these liquids and an empty spray bottle.

I usually make 2 cups of the solution at a time, and it’s a simple recipe:  1.50 cups of vinegar and 0.50 cup of detergent.  Heat the vinegar in the microwave, just until hot.  Pour the vinegar in the spray bottle and add the Dawn.  Swirl to mix together.

I then take the solution and (lightly) spray the bottom of the toilet.  I then spray down the bathtub and shower.  Keep in mind this contains soap, so there will be a few suds.  Let this sit for a few minutes, then wipe up.  Your toilets will be clean and the soap scum easily dissolves from the tub!  I even used the solution to clean my tile and mirrors!  (No streaks!)

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