Let’s take a moment to talk about birthday parties.  From the waterpark to trampoline parks to bowling parties, I like to create memorable parties for my children, as these are some of the most memorable and fun experiences of their childhood.  

When I was introduced to Play-Well TEKnologies, I knew this was perfect for my LEGO enthusiasts and was happy to have them incorporated into our next birthday party.  Play-Well TEKnologies provides project-based programs designed to teach principles and methods of engineering to grades Kindergarten through 5th, utilizing LEGO building blocks. Their focus is to grow the next generation of engineers, innovators, scientists, and inventors… and it’s working!



5 Things To Know About Having A LEGO Birthday Party With Play-Well TEKnologies

1.  Setting Up The Party Is Easy
Seriously – just fill out the party inquiry form online, and a local representative in your state will contact you to discuss information.  A day or two before the party, you will hear from your Play-Well instructor, who will confirm details.  It’s really that easy!

2. The Instructors Are Great
The instructor who came to our party was very professional, speaking to the children on their level.  She was fun and set the rules in advance so the children knew what to expect. 


3. The Legos Are Plentiful
I’ve never seen more LEGOs in my house!  I think my boys, as well as my husband, were in awe as the instructor wheeled in about 20,000 LEGO pieces!  I chose the monorail project for the children to build, and I’m pretty sure if you were looking for a certain block to add to your creation, it was available! 


4. The Party Is Relaxing
The instructor arrived about 15 minutes before the party started so she could set up.  We sang Happy Birthday, then she literally took over, gathering the children to the living room and letting their imagination run free.  As a parent, it was nice to see LEGOs not being disrespected and the children all getting along!  At times it was super quiet, and all you could hear was the parents talking!  (Hint: have music ready to play!)  Best relaxing party ever!  (The instructor even had the children clean up and sort the LEGOs in less than two minutes!)



5. The Children Have Fun
I mean, 20,000 LEGO building blocks.  Does it get any better?  This party was perfect for girls and boys, and even after 1.5 hours, I’m certain no one wanted to hear the words “You have 10 minutes of building left.”  The children built, battled and had a great time!



Play-Well’s birthday parties are unique, fun and interactive.  You can schedule a party at the venue of your choice including your home or one of their activity centers.

To learn about the programs Play-Well TEKnologies has to offer, including classes, workshops, birthday parties, and summer camps, visit their website.  They are located in 27 states across the country. 

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