We are a week away from St. Patrick’s Day, and my daughter asked me to make a fun craft to celebrate the day.  Since we are on Spring Break, we had plenty of time to come up with a cute (and adorable) St. Patrick’s Day rainbow bracelet, which ended up taking less than 5 minutes to put together!

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Bracelets

As we made these bracelets, my daughter pointed out how fun these would be to make for birthday parties or other holidays.  And she was right! The bracelets can be customized to the holiday or event of your choice: red and pink for Valentine’s Day, red and green for Christmas, pastels for Easter, purple, yellow and green for Mardi Gras… the list goes on!

See how I make them here –> https://www.facebook.com/HustleMomRepeat/videos/1254213671294833/


To make these rainbow bracelets, you will need the following items:
 – plastic straws
 – scissors
 – small piece of aluminum foil
 – clear tape
 – hole puncher
 – ribbon or string
 – an iron

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Bracelets

Begin by lining up your straws, in the pattern of your choice, between two pieces of aluminum foil.  *I cut the “bendy part” off first, but I don’t know that it is necessary.  I will go back and try this week!  Make sure each straw is touching one another so they melt together.

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Bracelets

On a flat surface (I use the floor,) press your iron on the aluminum foil, melting the straws into one flat piece.  I can feel when the iron is no longer raised from the floor, indicating the straws are melting.  I counted twenty seconds of ironing, to make sure they were completely flat.

St. Patricks Day Rainbow Bracelets

Carefully lift the iron from the aluminum foil, then remove the flat piece of straws.  Trim each end, making them even, if they are not.  This is also a good time to fit the bracelet to the wrist of the person wearing it.

Add a clear piece of tape to each end, and again, trim the excess tape.  

St. Patrick's Day Rainbow Bracelets

Punch a hole in each end, then add a ribbon or string for wearing!  So easy to make, and very cheap, too!  (I think a bag of 100 straws cost me $1.00, which should make anywhere from 20-50 bracelets, depending on length and number of colors used!)

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