My family loves taking road trips, whether the drive is 2, 5 or 10 hours away.  We enjoy driving to Oklahoma, Louisiana and other parts of Texas — and our trips are probably so stress-free because we are always well prepared for the venture.  I am a planner, and even if I wait until the last minute, I always have a game plan in mind.  With this list of 10 things to do before your road trip, you will be “on point” for your next road trip, too!

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5 Things To Do Before Your Road Trip

  1.  Start by cleaning out your messy car.  Take out everything you don’t need for the trip, including the reusable grocery sacks, the extra pair of socks and the donation bags you’ve been meaning to drop off.  You will leave with a clean state of mind, and more room for luggage and feet room!  
  2. Head to the car wash and make sure to vacuum!  Again, clean slate.
  3. Get an oil change and check your tires.  Proper car maintenance is important before you head out!  When you get an oil change, the service department will probably put some air in your tires and check your windshield wiper fluid levels, too!  
  4. Stock up on healthy (mess free) snacks.  We like to pack popcorn, goldfish, cheese sticks, protein bars and lollipops… even though those are far from healthy!  I also like to provide each child with one bottle of small water, but I warn them that they have to have some left when we reach our destination.  (This helps cut back on restroom stops, and they are less likely to drink it all within the first ten minutes!)
  5. Charge your devices and download a fun new app on the children’s devices.  A new app will keep children entertained because it will be interesting and challenging to them!


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