We are in the market for a new vehicle.  After finding out how much maintenance is these days, I had to research ways to save in the process.  From oil changes to everyday repairs, here are the top 5 ways to save on car maintenance.


1. Read the Owner’s Manual

Read it like a book so you know your vehicle.  The information provided will be invaluable, with advice on when to perform maintenance on the car to keep it in great shape.  Make sure you note the “scheduled maintenance guide”, even going so far as to jotting down these dates in your calendar.

2.  Find a good mechanic

Once you find a good mechanic, stick with him.  Make sure he is one who will not charge for unnecessary repairs and one you can trust. 

3. Learn to perform car maintenance yourself 

Performing some maintenance at home will save you over $500 annually.  You can change your oil, replace the air filter, change the break pads, replace the fuel filter and so much more!  Don’t forget many service stations will check oil and air for free.  *Check you tube for step-by-step instructions.

4. Shop smarter

If you need parts, shop online for them!   Amazon, for one, carries everything your vehicle may need… at a price that’s way lower than the local auto parts store. 

5. Shop around for the best service rates

If you do need to bring the vehicle in, look for coupons and promotions, even if insurance is covering repairs.  Make sure you ask friends and family for referrals and never feel pressured once you arrive at the service station.


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